Morphological Image Operations

Perform morphological operations (like erode and dilate or open and close) on images.


Connection Type
  • Four-Connected
  • Eight-Connected
  • Structuring Element: Read the structuring element from the optional second in port.
Structuring Element
Column of the structuring element, if 'Structuring Element' is selected as 'Connection Type'.
  • Erode: Shrink bright areas.
  • Dilate: Grow bright areas.
  • Open: Erode followed by Dilate. Erases tiny bright spots.
  • Close: Dilate followed by Erode. Erases tiny dark holes.
Number of Iterations
Determines how often the chosen morphological operation should be applied to the images (to increase the effect). If Open/Closed is selected, first Erode/Dilate is applied n times then Dilate/Erode n times.
Dimension Selection
Determines for which dimensions the morphological operations will be applied individually.
Out of Bounds Strategy
The 'OutOfBounds Strategy' is used when an algorithm needs access to pixels which lie outside of an image (for example convolutions). The strategy determines how an image is extended, for examples see Fiji Wiki

Input Ports

Optional Structuring Elements

Output Ports

Processed Images


Image Viewer
Tabular View with resulting Images




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