Interactive Segmentation View

This nodes allows to view segment labels rendered on top of the original image. You can explore such overlays by adjusting transparency, colors and the used renderer. Additionally filtering of labels is possible and allows in detail examination of segments. This basic behavior can be extended if the node is used in combination with an Interactive Table. Both nodes have to be connected to the same (Image) Segment Feature node and have to use identical label names. This will connect the highlight mechanism of both nodes and allows interactive highlighting across view borders.


Image column
select the image column
Labeling column
and the appropriate segment column.
Virtually extend labeling or image?
If the labeling and image to be overlayed don't have the same sizes they will be adjusted such that they fit.

Label Transformation

This tab is only needed if the node is used in combination with an interactive table. In this case the label names have to be build from the variable blocks such that the name pattern is exactly the same as in the Interactive Table. A common case is $ImgName$#$Label$. Image1.png#4, Image1.png#5, ...

Input Ports

original images and corresponding labelings.
Optional list of segments, e.g. output of the (Image) Segment Feature node.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Interactive Segmentation View
Displays the images with their corresponding segment overlays.




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