Splits an image object to multiple images (i.e. resulting in multiple columns). Note that all images must have the same dimensions and dimension order. If the input images are not of the same dimensions, the least common size for each dimension will be used for the result images (i.e. the images will possibly be cropped). If you want to avoid that please use the "Splitter (uncropped)" node.


Image to process
The image object to split.
Dimension selection
Select those dimensions here, which should stay together. I.e. for each selected subset, the non-selected dimensions will be split completely.


Advanced split settings
This options allows you to specify the maximum size of each dimension in the resulting images. If 0 the maximum dimension size is the one of the according image. Example: Consider a video with dimensions X=100,Y=100,T=100. If your settings are X=0,Y=0,T=10 your image/video will be split in 10 parts each of size X=100,Y=100,T=10. Essentially you are cutting the video in 10 blocks with 10 frames in it.

Input Ports


Output Ports

Split Images


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