Kafka Producer

This node allows to send messages to Kafka.



Client ID
An id string to pass to the Kafka cluster when making requests. This string can be included as a logical application name in server-side request logging, thus making it easier to track the source of requests beyond ip/port.
A list of topics the producer sends the messages to. The topics list has to be entered in the form topic1,topic2,....
Message column
A String or JSON column containing the messages that have to be send to the Kafka cluster.
Sending type
Defines how messages are send. If Asynchronously or Synchronously is selected, the node will throw an exception if any of the message could not be send to Kafka. In the case of Fire and forget it is unkown whether or not the message has been successfully sent.

Transaction Settings

Use transaction
Specifies whether the messages have to be send in a transactional fashion or not.
Transaction ID
The transaction id of the message producer. This id has to be unique.
Transaction Commit Options
Allows to specify the number of messages send per transaction.
  • Input end This option ensures that the whole input is send in a single transaction
  • Batchwise This option sends a fixed number of messages per transaction. Larger values result in less transactions but might stall message consumption.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings
Allows to specify additional producer related options, e.g., request timeout and number of retries. For further details on the individual options see the tooltip or consult the official Kafka documentation.

Input Ports

Data table holding the column to be send to the Kafka cluster
Connection details used to create the Kafka Producer

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


This node has no views




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