JSON Row Combiner and Writer

All of the values in the JSON column will be transformed to a JSON array with "JSON key" key complemented by the custom key/value pairs, or just the array if the option Omit root is selected. (The JSON content in the file can be pretty-printed.) The output looks like this:

  "JSON key": [
    {"json":"from Row1"},
    {"json":"from Row2"}
  "custom key":"custom value"
where the JSON key can be specified with the Add root object with key parameter, the "custom key":"custom value" is specified by the Custom key/value pairs and the Collect into array options.


JSON column
The JSON column providing the values for the root key.
Output file
Location to save the file (can also be a remote URL).
Overwrite existing file
When checked, existing files might be overwritten.
Pretty print
When checked, each level of the JSON value will be indented, multiple lines are created, else a dense format is written.
Omit root
When selected, only the object or the array is returned (custom key/value pairs are not applicable).
Add root object with key
Key to the JSON values object or array in the root object.
Custom key/value pairs
Additional key/value pairs to the root object (not applicable when no root should be created).
Collect into array
The rows are collected to a JSON array.
Collect into object with key
The rows become an object within another object with the keys specified by the selected column's values (will fail if there are duplicates).

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