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Columns to JSON Streamable

Converts contents of columns to JSON values row-wise.

Container Input (JSON) 

Specify a text in the dialog and return it as a JSON value.

Container Output (JSON) 

Reads the content of a JSON column and makes it available to an external caller.

JSON Column Combiner Streamable

Combines multiple JSON columns to a single.

JSON Diff Streamable

Creates a patch/diff between two JSON columns.

JSON Path StreamableDeprecated

Selects certain paths from the selected JSON column.

JSON Path Streamable

Selects the defined paths from the selected JSON column.

JSON Path (Dictionary) 

Collect parts of JSON documents based on JSONPath queries specified in the second input port.

JSON Reader 

Reads .json files to JSON values.

JSON Row Combiner 

Appends JSON values in the rows to a single JSON value.