Google Analytics Query

This node queries a connected Google Analytics 4 property using the Google Analytics Data API v1.

The node supports building a Report by specifying metrics, dimensions, and date ranges.

In order to find available metrics and dimensions, you can use the GA4 Dimensions & Metrics Explorer offered by Google.

Note: This node can only be used to connect with Google Analytics 4 properties and is not compatible with Universal Analytics. To migrate a website using Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, you can find more information in the official migration guide.



Metrics are quantitative measurements of event data for your Google Analytics property.

Specify at least one and up to ten metrics to include in your query. Metrics can be specified by name and either be built-in metrics or custom metrics defined in your property.

Built-in metrics can be seen in the list of metrics under the column "API Name".


Dimensions are attributes of the event data and their values are always strings.

Specify up to nine dimensions by name. Available dimension names can be seen in the list of dimensions under the column "API Name".

Date ranges

A date range specifies the range of dates for which to request event data from Google Analytics.

Specify at least one and up to four date ranges for which event data will be requested. The custom name given to a date range replaces the date range name which is auto-generated by Google Analytics.

Include date range name column

Include a column containing date range names. If a date range is not given a name explicitly, Google Analytics will auto-generate a unique name for each date range.

Filter if matched by
Output the event if it is matched by:
  • All criteria: an event is included if it is matched by all of the criteria (intersection of matches)
  • Any criterion: an event is included if it is matched by at least one of the criteria (union of matches)
Dimension filter
Currency code

Specify the currency code to use for currency returning metrics, to be stated in three letter ISO-4217 format. If it is left empty, the report uses the property's default currency.

Keep empty rows
If enabled, rows will also be returned if all their metrics are equal to 0. Otherwise they are omitted from the result.
Output response metadata as flow variables

If enabled, outputs response metadata from the Google Analytics API as flow variables. In particular, the following fields are returned: dataLossFromOtherRow, currencyCode, timeZone, emptyReason, subjectToThresholding. The format of the flow variable name follows the pattern analytics.response.$FIELD, where $FIELD specifies the field name.

More information can be obtained from the API documentation.

Output property quotas as flow variables

If enabled, outputs the Google Analytics property quotas as flow variables. Each quota will indicate the "consumed" and "remaining" tokens after the last API request made by the node. The format of the flow variable name follows the pattern analytics.quota.$QUOTA.$TYPE, where $QUOTA specifies the quota and $TYPE is either "consumed" or "remaining". Available quotas can be seen in the API documentation.

Note: Retrieving a lot of data (many rows, many columns, or long date ranges) or specifying complex filter criteria may be responsible for consumption of many tokens per node execution.

Input Ports

The connection to a Google Analytics 4 property.

Output Ports

A table with data according to the query.

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