String to Path

This node converts a string column into a path column.

This node can access a variety of different file systems. More information about file handling in KNIME can be found in the official File Handling Guide.


File system
Select the file system to which the created paths should be related to. There are four default file system options to choose from:
  • Local File System: Resolve the path to your local file system.
  • Mountpoint: Resolves the path to a mountpoint. When selected, a new drop-down menu appears to choose the mountpoint. Unconnected mountpoints are grayed out but can still be selected. A mountpoint is displayed in red if it was previously selected but is no longer available. You won't be able to save the dialog as long as you don't select a valid i.e. known mountpoint.
  • Relative to: Resolve the path relative to the current mountpoint, current workflow or the current workflow's data area. When selected a new drop-down menu appears to choose which of the three options to use.
  • Custom/KNIME URL: Resolve the paths to a URL (e.g. file://, http:// or knime:// protocol). When selected, a spinner appears that allows you to specify the desired connection and write timeout in milliseconds..
It is possible to use other file systems with this node. Therefore, you have to enable the file system connection input port of this node by clicking the ... in the bottom left corner of the node's icon and choose Add File System Connection port.
Afterwards, you can simply connect the desired connector node to this node. The file system connection will then be shown in the drop-down menu. It is grayed out if the file system is not connected in which case you have to (re)execute the connector node first. Note: The default file systems listed above can't be selected if a file system is provided via the input port.
Column selection
Column that will be converted. It has to contain a string with correct Path /foo/bar.txt syntax.
Fail if file/folder does not exist
Checks if the files or folders referenced by the created Paths are existing and will abort if one is not.
Fail on missing values
If selected the node will fail if the selected column contains missing values.
  • Append column: Append the new column to the table with the selected column name.
  • Replace: Replace the selected column with the new Path column.
New column name
Name of the appended column.

Input Ports

Table that contains a String column with path information.
The file system connection.

Output Ports

Input table with the corresponding Path column to the selected column. It will either be appended or replacing the old column, depending on the configuration.


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