Diacritic Remover

This node removes all diacritical marks in the given documents. Diacritical marks are signs that are attached to a character, usually to indicate distinct sound, or special pronunciation. Examples of words containing diacritical marks are naïve, or Noël .

For more information on which marks are recognized by this node, please check here .


Preprocessing options

Document column
The column containing the documents to preprocess.
Replace documents
If checked, the documents will be replaced by the new preprocessed documents. Otherwise the preprocessed documents will be appended as new column.
Append column
The name of the new appended column, containing the preprocessed documents.
Ignore unmodifiable tag
If checked, unmodifiable terms will be preprocessed too.

Input Ports

The input table which contains the documents to preprocess.

Output Ports

The output table which contains the preprocessed documents.


This node has no views




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