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Upload data to H2O Driverless AI

KNIME H2O Driverless AI Integration version 1.0.0.v202011111327 by KNIME AG

This node takes an input data table and uploads it to a specified H2O Driverless AI server resulting in creation of a dataset.



After the connection is provided to this node by the upstream connector, the following account parameters will not be displayed:

Account username which the data will be uploaded to Driverless AI system.
Account password.
H2O Driverless AI Location
Location of the Driverless AI server specifying the full URL including port number. Typical format is: http(s)://your-domain:12345 Note: the port number is 12345 by default but this can be reconfigured.
Connect & fetch data (button)
After the connection to Driverless AI server is established, information about existing datasets and experiments on the remote server is fetched.

Upload parameters

Name of the created dataset.
The name of the dataset to be created on Driverless AI server. Note: the name must be unique on the server.
If a dataset with the same name has been created on Driverless AI system either before upload or after the execution data has been fetched, the upload will not be successful, leading to an error.

Interactive View: H2O Driverless AI Experiment View

H2O Driverless AI Experiment View allowing refined work with the experiment such as interpreting the model.

Input Ports

Table to upload to the H2O Driverless AI server.

Output Ports

The connection that contains information about H2O Driverless AI authentication and the dataset that has been sent to H2O Driverless AI.



To use this node in KNIME, install KNIME H2O Driverless AI Integration from the following update site:


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