Run H2O Driverless AI Experiment

This node creates an experiment on the specified H2O Driverless AI server using a basic configuration. After the experiment finishes, the native GUI of Driverless AI for the finished experiment is available through the Interactive View.



After the connection is provided to this node by the upstream connector, the following account parameters will not be displayed:

Account username which the data will be uploaded to Driverless AI system.
Account password.
H2O Driverless AI Location
Location of the Driverless AI server specifying the full URL including port number. Typical format is: http(s)://your-domain:12345 Note: the port number is 12345 by default but this can be reconfigured.
Connect & fetch data (button)
After the connection to Driverless AI server is established, information about existing datasets and experiments on the remote server is fetched.

General Experiment Settings

Basic experiment settings that need to be specified. For more detail, see the documentation here.

Dataset to train the model on. This can be pre-filled with a port connection to the Upload to Driverless AI node.
The column to predict.
Prediction task
Whether to model the task as regression or classification. Classification is only available for target variables that are of a categorical (not continuous) type.
Name of the created experiment
The name of the new experiment. Note: the name must be unique on the server.
Accuracy controls the feature evolution and other aspects of model building process leading to attempts to build more or less accurate models.
Time specifies the relative time for completing the experiment.
Interpretability specifies the relative interpretability for this experiment.

Input Ports

The connection that contains information about H2O Driverless AI authentication and the dataset that has been sent to H2O Driverless AI.

Output Ports

Summary of the selected experiment.
The H2O Driverless AI MOJO created by the experiment.


Interactive View: H2O Driverless AI Experiment View
H2O Driverless AI Experiment View allowing refined work with the experiment such as interpreting the model.




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