Prediction Fusion

Fuses multiple prediction confidences into one, combined prediction, using the selected fusion method. The selected fusion method will be applied to all confidence values (resulting from multiple predictions) of the same class. After the fusion method was applied, the resulting combined prediction confidences will be normalized to add up to one, such that they can be interpreted as probabilities.

Note: Missing values will be skipped.


The fusion method.
  • Maximum: Maximum of all prediction confidences
  • Mean: Mean of all prediction confidences
  • Median: Median of all prediction confidences
  • Minimum: Minimum of all prediction confidences
The classes that were predicted and for which confidences are available. In case of a tie the higher class (in the list) wins.
Class confidences
Each row represents the predicted confidences from one classifier. The fusion method is applied to all confidence values of the same class.
Multiplies the predictions confidences as if the prediction would have been added n times. This enables a prediction to have more influence on the outcome than another. (Affects mean and median but not minimum or maximum.)
Add prediction
Add another prediction to the set of predictions that will be fused into one.

Input Ports

Table containing the predictions.

Output Ports

Table containing the fused prediction confidences and the winning class.


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