Line Plot (legacy)

Plots the numeric columns of the input table as lines. All values are mapped to a single y coordinate. This may distort the visualization if the difference of the values in the columns is large.

Only columns with a valid domain are available in this view. Make sure that the predecessor node is executed or set the domain with the DomainCalculator node!


The data points may be selected by either dragging a rectangle with the mouse over the points or by clicking on points (if the dots are not displayed you won't see the selection or hilite since only data points can be selected or hilited). Hold control pressed for multiple selections. The selected datapoints may be hilited by either right-click to get the context menu or via the hilite menu in the menu bar.


Move the mouse over the data points to get detailed information about the data point (RowID, the x and y values).


Default Settings:

  • Mouse Mode: choose "Selection" to select the datapoints or "Zooming" to zoom in. If you have zoomed in you may choose "Moving" to navigate in the zoomed display.
  • "Fit to screen" fits the display again to the available space.
  • "Background color lets you choose the background color of the display.
  • "Anti-aliasing": Check if the view should enable anti-aliasing (make a smoother drawing). This will slow down performance as well.

Column Selection: Choose the columns you want to have displayed as lines. If the visualization is distorted due to great differences between the columns the most distorting columns can be removed to scale the y axis correctly.

Legend: Since the colors of the lines do not depend on the colors of the rows (since not the rows, but the columns are displayed as lines) the colors are created automatically. Click "Change..." in the legend to change the color of the referring line.

Missing Values: Per default missing values will interrupt the line. Check "Interpolate" to linearly interpolate the missing values. Missing values at the beginning and at the end will not be interpolated.


  • "Show/Hide dots": Check if the points should be displayed explicitely as dots, uncheck if you want to hide the dots.
  • "Thickness" lets you define the thickness of the lines.
  • "Dot Size" lets you define the size of the dots.


Nr. of rows to display
Enter the maximum number of rows the plotter should display. Setting a higher value than the default value might dramatically decrease performance.
Ignore columns with more nominal values than:
Enter the maximum number of distinct nominal values that the view should consider. Columns with more values than the specified number will be ignored and can't be selected in the view. Please also note that nominal values must be present in the table specification of the input table (check it by inspecting the table spec tab of the predecessor's outport view). If no nominal values are present in the table, execute the predecessor or consider to use the "Domain Calculator" node and to enforce the determination of the nominal values.

Input Ports

Data to display

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Line Plot
The line plot displaying the data.




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