Contour Plot (Plotly)

A contour plot based on the Plotly.js library.

This node can subscribe to filter events from other nodes in an interactive view, but selection is currently not supported within this view. Additionally, no CSS styling of the chart itself is available. You can style the other elements in the view, although KNIME classes are not current supported.

Please note: the Plotly.js KNIME extension is currently in Labs. It is recommended that you handle missing values and normalize your data before using visualization nodes in this extension to improve performance. Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions on our community forum here .


General options for the KNIME Contour Plot with Plotly. The columns will be available for selection within the view.

X-Axis Column
Select the column by which the data is ordered.
Included vectors (3D Slices)
Select the columns to be plotted.
Report on missing values
When enabled this will display a warning whenever there is a missing value present in the data and give a count on how many missing values exist in the data.
Missing values handling
The way in which this view tries to compensate for missing or invalid values. "Skip rows with missing values" will omit the entire row if a single cell is missing. This can affect multiple traces on the chart in some circumstances. "Leave missing" will leave a gap where the missing value exists and draw the chart anyways.

General Plot Options

These options control the initial state of the view.

Title (*)
The chart title.
X-Axis label (*)
The label for the X-Axis. If left blank, the current X-Axis feature name will be used.
Y-Axis label (*)
The label for the Y-Axis. If left blank, the current Y-Axis feature name will be used.
Settings for SVG image generation.
Display legend
When checked, the chart's legend is displayed.
Show warnings in view
When checked, the any warnings will be displayed in the view.
Plot color scale:
Choose the colorscale you would like to use initially for the plot. If you select "Enable contour color controls", then you will be able to change this option in the view menu.
Background color
The background color of the plot, including the axes labels, the title and the subtitle.
Data area color
The background color of the data area, within the axes.

Control Options

Use these options to configure the available controls within the view.

Enable view controls
Check to enable controls in the chart.
Show fullscreen button
When checked, a fullscreen option is displayed in the KNIME interactive menu.
Enable tooltip toggle
Check to enable toggling of the tooltip within the view.
Enable contour color controls
When checked, a menu with available color scales will be displayed in the KNIME menu for changing the contour gradient.
Enable feature selection controls
Check to enable drop down menu's allowing you to switch the features displayed on the axes.
Enable text editing
Check to enable the editing of the title and axis labels within the view.
Enable subscribe to filter toggle
Check to enable toggling of filter subscription within view.
Enable link to Plotly editor
Check to enable toggling of filter subscription within view.


This KNIME implementation of Plotly is compatible with the other interactive JavaScript views in the KNIME analytics platform. Use these options to control the degree to which this chart interacts with other views.

Subscribe to filter events
If checked, the view reacts on notifications from other interactive views that a filter has been created or modified.

Input Ports

Data table to display in an interactive Contour Plot.

Output Ports

SVG image of the Contour chart if that option has been enabled.


Interactive View: Contour Plot
The KNIME Contour Plot with Plotly.




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