TensorFlow Network Reader

This node reads a TensorFlow deep learning network from a directory or zip file.

If the network should be read from a directory, it has to be a valid SavedModel. If the network should be read from a zip file, it must contain a valid SavedModel.

See the TensorFlow documentation for more information on SavedModels: Structure of a SavedModel directory


General Settings

Input Location
The path to the input directory or zip file that contains the TensorFlow SavedModel. KNIME URLs like "knime://knime.workflow/ ... <filename>" are supported.
The tags identifying the meta graph definition to load.
The signature which should be available for executing or training the model. (Use the advanced settings if you want to use a signature which isn't available in the SavedModel.)
Copy deep learning network into KNIME workflow?
If selected, the TensorFlow network will be copied into the KNIME workflow, so that it is available for export with the workflow. Otherwise, only a reference to the actual network file is used by KNIME.

Advanced Settings

Use advanced settings
If selected, the signature option has no effect anymore but the desired signature can be created using the Inputs and Outputs options.
Choose tensors which should be available as inputs to the deep learning network.
Choose tensors which should be available as outputs to the deep learning network.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

The TensorFlow deep learning network.


This node has no views




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