Beta Distributed Assigner

Assigns a value based on the class column. This value is beta distributed as defined in the configuration by its peak and scaling parameter p. As the peak, please select the value that should be selected most frequently. The scaling parameter can be used to modify the distribution: a value between 0 and 1 will result in a broader range; a value above 1 results in a more compact distribution of the values.
This number generator can be used to generate different distributions based on the values of a categorical dependency column. To use this option please select a dependency column. You will then be able to assign one parameter settings for each value of the given class column.


Dependency Column
Choose a class column or "none" to define one setting for the whole table.
Column Name
The name for the generated column.
Use the seed to get the same result in each run of the node.
These bounds are used for the whole column. Beta distribution returns a compact interval of values, hence both bounds are used.
The peak and the scaling parameter can be defined for each value of the given class column.

Input Ports

Data table

Output Ports

one additional column containing the beta distributed value


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