Upload Table

Creates a file in a Dataset containing a copy of all data received via the input port. More specifically, this file will contain tabular data and so will be parsed by to make it readily available for subsequent querying on (via SparQL or SQL queries at and remote querying via's JDBC connector or SDKs for Python, R, etc.


Dataset URL or Name
Specify the name of the Dataset on in which to create a CSV file containing all data (the entire KNIME DataTable) provided via the input port. The Dataset may be specified as a URL (e.g. or as an "account/dataset" short path (e.g. jonloyens/an-intro-to-dataworld-dataset) or merely as the name of the Dataset (e.g. an-intro-to-dataworld-dataset). The named Dataset must be owned by the same user whose account credentials are used to access services.
Name for Uploaded File
Specify a name for the file that will be created in the Dataset. Be aware that supplying a name that exactly matches an existing file in the targeted Dataset will result in the overwriting of that file. Once a file has been added to the Dataset, its name may be modified by according to its rules on presentation.

Input Ports

Table of data to upload to

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