Capture Workflow End

Marks the end of a to be captured workflow segment. The entire workflow within the scope of a 'Capture Workfow Start'- and 'Capture Workflow End'-node is captured and available at the workflow output port of this node. Nodes that have out-going connections to a node that is part of the scope but aren't part of the scope themselves are represented as static inputs (but not captured).



Store input tables
If checked the input tables at the extracted workflow's input ports (table ports only!) will be stored, too.
Maximum number of rows to store
The maximum number of rows to be stored as example input data table at each workflow table input port.
Propagate Variables
If selected, variables defined (or modified) within the Capture block are propagated downstream of the Capture Workflow End node. In most cases users will want to check this box (which is also the default). Previous versions of KNIME did not have this option and variables were always limited in scope and not visible downstream.
Disconnect links of components and metanodes
If enabled, the links on linked components and metanodes contained in the captured workflow segment will be removed upon capture.
Custom workflow name
A custom name for the captured workflow. If left empty, the original name will be taken.

Input and Output IDs

Input port IDs
Customization of the unique identifiers for each input port.
Output port IDs
Customization of the unique identifiers for each output port.

Input Ports

Outputs of the captured workflow segment.

Output Ports

A workflow port object that represents the captured workflow.
The outputs of the captured workflow group.


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