PMML Transformation Apply

Transforms data as described in the PMMLTransformation Dictionary. A PMML document can contain data transformations such as normalization, replacement, discretization and many others. This node processes a data table according to the transformations given in the supplied PMML document.

Note, a PMML document can contain global transformations (Transformation Dictionary) and local transformations that are only valid within a model (Local Transformations). This node ignores any transformation described in the model section of the PMML document; it only applies transformations from the Transformation Dictionary. KNIME itself stores transformations only in the Transformation Dictionary, so the foregoing remark only applies to PMML documents loaded from other sources. In general this node is thoroughly tested with PMML documents produced by KNIME; it also supports transformations that are not generated by any KNIME node but are still part of the PMML specification. (With few exceptions, e.g. the MapValues transformation must be specified with an inline table, as the processing of table locators is not yet implemented and will cause an error; or the aggregate transformation, which is currently also not supported.) The majority of 'non-KNIME' configurations are assumed to work as well but have only been tested on a small scale.

For more information about PMML Transformations please consult the PMML website.

Input Ports

Data table to transform
PMML model with transformations

Output Ports

Table that has been transformed according to the PMML model


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