Linear Discriminant Analysis Apply

This node applies a Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) model to the given input data. This model is most likely the output of a Linear Discriminant Analysis Compute node and can be applied to arbitrary data to reduce its dimensionality.

The column names, however, must correspond to those that have been used to compute the model.


Target dimensions
Number of dimensions to reduce the input data to. This cannot exceed the number of classes minus one or the number of selected columns, depending on which one is smaller.
Remove original data columns
If checked, the columns containing the input data are removed.
Fail if missing values are encountered
If checked, execution fails when the selected columns contain missing values. Otherwise, rows containing missing values are ignored during computation.

Input Ports

The model used to reduce the data dimensionality.
Input table containing numeric columns, whose column names match the model.

Output Ports

The original data (if not excluded) plus columns for the projected dimensions.


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