Shapiro Wilk Normality Test

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

The Shapiro-Wilk Normality Test checks whether a sample comes from a normally distributed population. It is applicable for 3 to 5000 data points. The node outputs two values: the test statistic W and the corresponding p-value. To accept or reject the null hypothesis, one can either compare W to a predefined threshold Wcritical or use a threshold for the p-value. Since the test is biased by sample size, the test may be statistically significant from a normal distribution in any large samples. Thus a Q–Q plot is required for verification in addition to the test. More information about this test can be found on Wikipedia.


Test Column
The column to test.

Input Ports

The data to test normality on

Output Ports

The statistics with p-value and test measure


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