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Bland-Altman Plot

KNIME Statistic Nodes (Labs) version 4.4.0.v202106041314 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Creates a Bland-Altman plot (also known as Tukey mean-difference plot) used to analyze the agreement of two different measurement methods.

The plot shows the relationship between the mean of two measurements and their difference. The bias of the first method is shown which states how much higher or lower the measurements on average are compared to the measurements of the second method. It also shows the limit of agreement which state how much of a difference can be expected when using one method instead of the other.

More information can be found in the original publication "Measurement in Medicine: The Analysis of Method Comparison Studies".


Measurement 1 column
Column containing the values of the first measurement method.
Measurement 2 column
Column containing the values of the second measurement method.
Scale data with logarithm
First scale the values with a logarithm (base 2) to compensate for proportional bias (difference of two values is higher for higher mean values).

View Controls

Enable panning
Enable panning on the plot. To start panning click and drag the mouse. Note if panning and drag zooming is enabled, panning can be achieved by holding the Ctrl key and dragging the mouse.
Enable mouse wheel zooming
Enable zooming on the plot using the mouse wheel.
Enable drag zooming
Enable zooming on the plot by dragging the mouse and drawing a zoom rectangle. Dragging from the top-left down will create a zoom rectangle, dragging from the bottom right up will reset the zoom to fit the extends of the plot. Note if panning and drag zooming is enabled, panning can be achieved by holding the Ctrl key and dragging the mouse.
Show zoom reset button
Renders a button to resize the plot to it's extends.

Image options

Width of image (in px)
The width of the generated SVG image.
Height of image (in px)
The height of the generated SVG image.

Interactive View: Bland-Altman Plot

Displays a Bland-Altman plot visualization of the selected to measurements.

Input Ports

Data table containing the two measurements.

Output Ports

The Bland-Altman Plot.
The two selected measurements together with the calculated mean (x in the plot) and difference (y in the plot).
The bias (mean of the difference) and the limits of agreement (95% of the points are within the limits of agreement).

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