Expand Vector

This node samples and/or expands a String/Double Vector to individual columns using optional indices.


Standard Options

Vector Column
The column containing the vector that should be expanded
Remove Source Column?
Should we remove the source vector column?
Index Column
Optional column containing a index in each row. If no column is selected the whole vector will be used
Expand elements to individual columns?
Should we create a new vector or a series of columns?
Use vector element names if available?
Should we use the names of the elements contained in the vector if available?
Prefix/name for new column(s)
If the vector element names should not be used or they are not available the specified Prefix will be used to create new column names. If empty the default prefix is 'column_'

Input Ports

Table containing at least one double vector column.
Optional table containing a column holding indices.

Output Ports

Table with generated column(s).


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