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Line Chopper

StreamableKNIME Nodes for Wide Data (many columns) version 4.2.0.v202003231244 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

This node takes a string that consists of tokens which are separated by a certain patter (e.g. TAB, space, etc.) and separates a certain number of these tokens from the beginning of the string. It converts them either in floating point numbers or keeps them as strings. The new values are stored in one new column (as a collection or a vector) or each in a separate new column. If the string consists of more than the extracted tokens, the remaining part of the string can be stored in a new column for further processing.
The string must be comprised of simple tokens; there is no support for quoted tokens, different decimal separators, or comment lines in the file.
The node operates row-based. It can be executed in streaming mode.


Column with string to split
Select the column that contains the string with the tokens that should be extracted and converted. Only columns of type String can be selected.
Number of items
Enter the number of tokens that should be extracted from the string. Tokens are taken from the start (from the left) of the string. If less tokens are in the string, an empty string or NaN (Not a Number) is inserted.
Select the type of the items
Specify if the tokens extracted should be converted to a Double (floating point) or should be stored as string.
Select the type of new appended column(s)
The extracted tokens are stored in a new column. Either in one new column in a Vector or a Collection, or in multiple columns (Cells) - one for each token of type Double or String (depending on the selected type of the items from above).
Prefix/name of new column(s)
Specify the name of the new column that contains the extracted tokens. If multiple columns are appended (option type of appended column above), this serves as prefix for the generated column names.
Keep column with left over string
If this option is selected the rest of the string (after chopping off the extracted tokens) is stored in a new column for further processing.

Input Ports

DataTable with column to extract tokens from

Output Ports

DataTable with additional column(s) carrying the extracted items from the input column

Best Friends (Incoming)

Best Friends (Outgoing)



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