Interactive HiLite Collector

Node allows to apply annotations to sets of hilit rows within an Interactive View: Within the interactive view, an annotation string can be entered which is then appended to all hilit rows. During the re-execution (press Apply button) of this node, the annotation is appended as a new column, 'Anno #X', to the end of the input table. When the node is reset, all annotations are discarded.


Append Annotation
Enter a new, non-empty annotation string which is then applied to the current set of hilit rows. All subsequent annotations to the same row, will be appended to the current string and separated by comma. If selected, a new column with the current annotation is appended to the table.
If pressed, the new annotation is appended as either a new column to all currently hilit rows or to the last annotation column. This call will re-execute the node and immediately provide the new output table with the (additional) annotation column.

Input Ports

Data Table

Output Ports

Input rows with appended annotations.


Interactive View: Annotation View
Appends annotations to the current set of hilit rows shown in this view, together with all rows to which annotation(s) have been appended.




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