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Interactive Histogram (local)

KNIME Base Nodes version 4.3.3.v202105242122 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Displays an interactive histogram view with different viewing options.The interactive histogram supports hiliting and the changing of the x axis and aggregation column on the fly.

The user can change the following view properties on the fly:

  1. X axis
  2. Aggregation column (Y axis)
  3. Aggregation method (count, summary, average)
  4. Number of bins for numerical attributes (incl. empty bars, excl. missing value )
  5. Bar size
  6. Show empty intervals
  7. Show missing value bar
  8. Layout
  9. Zooming
  10. ...
The bars are colored in proportion to the aggregation value. Hiliting is supported.

The Invalid_values bin contains values that can not be assigned to a regular bin e.g. NaN for a double value. The bin is displayed by default if the selected binning column contains an invalid value in the input table. To hide it go to the "Bin settings tab" of the node view and deselect the "Show invalid value bin" option.

All automatically created bins, with exception to the first one, are left open intervals (a,b] where a is excluded and b is included in the interval. To cover all values the first interval is a closed interval [a,b] where a and b are included. In order to provide nicer bin intervals the left border is set to 0 if possible.

Please note: This node caches all data in the main memory to provide interactive functions. If you plan to visualize extremely large datasets the non interactive "Histogram" node may be better suited.

Only columns with a valid domain are available in this view. To set the domain use the DomainCalculator or ColumnFilter node!


Display all rows
If selected the histogram view displays all rows of the incoming data.
No. of rows to display:
Defines the number of rows to be displayed in the histogram. This option is disabled if the 'Display all rows' option is selected.
Binning column:
This is the column to be shown on the x axis of the histogram view. For numerical values the number of bars can be adjusted later in the 'Bar settings' section of view properties.
Aggregation column
This is the column to be used as the bar value and displayed on the y axis. Only numerical values with a valid domain are allowed. The aggregation method can be adjusted later in the 'Aggregation setting' section of view properties .

Input Ports

The data table to be displayed.


Interactive Histogram View
Displays the data in an interactive histogram view.

Best Friends (Incoming)

Best Friends (Outgoing)



To use this node in KNIME, install KNIME Base nodes from the following update site:


A zipped version of the software site can be downloaded here.

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