Edit Nominal Domain

Resorts and/or inserts interactively possible values to the domain of a certain column of the input table. This allows the configuration of downstream nodes on an amended domain list, e.g. a histogram that should show an empty bin for a value that is not actually present in the data. Also, the sorting on the domain values can be changed. This might be useful for instance for many predictor nodes, which add a new column for each possible value to the prediction output table, whereby the order of the columns is determined by the ordering in the domain.


Select column
Selects the column for which the domain values should be edited. Non-string typed columns are filtered out. A column name with red border indicates that the domain values for this columns were previously modified but the column either no longer exists or has a different type (no string column anymore). Red written domain value orderings can be edited as others and in addition deleted. (See the Reset/Delete option)
Creates a new cell with the given value and inserts it at the selected position. Self created cells are green marked in the possible value list.
Removes all selected self created cells (green marked) or cells which are not contained in the possible value set of the original column specification (red marked). It is not possible to remove other possible values, i.e. the possible values defined by the original column specification, as that might corrupt the table consistency.
Sort alphabetical [A-Z, Z-A]
Sorts the elements in alphabetical order ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A).
Move one step [Up, Down]
Moves the selected element(s) one up or down. If the top or the bottom of the list is reached, the selected element(s) is/are enqueued on the other end of the table again.
Move first/last
Moves the selected element(s) to the top or at the end of the table.
Restores the original domain value list as in the input table. If a not existing but previously modified column is selected (written in red), this button is labeled with 'Delete' and deletes the stored modifications for the selected column.
If a modified columns is not present in data
Determines if the execution should either fail or the column should be ignored if a modified column does not exist in the input table.
If a modified columns has an incompatible type
Determines if the execution should either fail or the column should be ignored if the types of a modified column are not equal.

Input Ports

Input data

Output Ports

Input data with changed specification.


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