Category to Number

This node takes columns with nominal data and maps every category to an integer. For your convenience, you can process multiple columns with this node. However, these columns are processed separately as if you would use a single Category To Number node for every column.


Include the columns that should be processed. You can only include columns with nominal data.
Append columns
If checked, the computed columns will be appended to the input table. Otherwise the computed columns replace the columns in the include list.
Column suffix
The column name of the computed columns are the name of the column in the input appended by this suffix.
Start value
The category in the first row will be mapped to this value.
The i-th category is mapped to the value i * Increment + Start value.
Max. categories
Processing is interrupted for inputs with more than categories than max. categories.
Default value
This value is used when the PMML model is applied. It defines the value used when the input is not found in the mapping. Leave it empty to assign a missing cell in this case.
Map missing to
Missing cells are mapped to this value. You can enter any integer. If empty, missing cells will be mapped to missing cells.

Input Ports


Output Ports

Data with transformed columns
PMML port object that includes the performed operations.


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