Hierarchical Cluster Assigner (local)

Assigns clusters to rows based on an hierarchical clustering. You may either select a fixed number of cluster or enter a distance threshold. If the latter is used then all clusters in the dendrogram will be used that have the smallest distance to the threshold but are below it. The threshold is given as a normalized distance between 0 and 1. All distances are normalized based on the maximum distance.
Note that the assigner only assigns the same data that has been used for clustering to clusters. It is not capable of assigning unseen data.


Assign clusters based on
Select if you want to assign clusters based on a fixed number or based on a distance threshold.
Number of clusters
The number of clusters (i.e. the level in the cluster tree) that should be created.
Distance threshold
The normalized distance below which clusters should be selected.

Input Ports

The tree created from the Hierarchical Cluster node.
The data that should be clustered using hierarchical clustering. Only numeric columns are considered, nominal columns are ignored. Must be the same table that has been used for creating the cluster model.

Output Ports

The input data with an extra column with the cluster name where the data point is assigned to.


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