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IconCluster Assigner PredictorStreamable

Assigns data to a set of prototypes.

IconDBSCAN Learner

Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise.

IconFuzzy c-Means Learner

Performs fuzzy c-means clustering.

IconFuzzy c-Means LearnerDeprecated

Performs fuzzy c-means clustering.

IconHierarchical Cluster Assigner Predictor

Assigns clusters to rows based on an hierarchical clustering.

IconHierarchical Cluster Assigner (JavaScript) Predictor

Creates an interactive JavaScript which displays the results of hierarchical clustering and enables cluster assignment.

IconHierarchical Cluster View Visualizer

Shows the results of hierarchical clustering.

IconHierarchical Clustering Learner

Performs Hierarchical Clustering.

IconHierarchical Clustering (DistMatrix) Learner

Performs Hierarchical Clustering on distance matrix input.

Iconk-Means Learner

Creates a crisp center based clustering.