Read Images

Read images from a list of URLs and append them as a new column. The URL list is a column in the input table containing valid URLs (e.g. file:/tmp/image.png ). You can use the "List Files" node to scan a directory containing *.png or *.svg files. The URLs may also point to *.zip files, in this case the zip is opened and the first found image of the selected types is parsed. Depending of the selected image type an appropriate column type is chosen.


URL Column
Select the input column containing the URLs.
Replace input column
If selected the node will replaced the selected URL column with the image data.
Append new column
If selected the node will append a new column with the given name.
Type Selection (SVG, PNG)
Select which types are valid in the input. If a non-valid type is encountered it will handle the error according to the "Fail on invalid input" option.
Fail on invalid input
If selected, the node will fail during execution if any URL is invalid or points to an invalid image file. If unselected, the node will skip these invalid entries and insert a missing value instead.
Customize image read timeout in seconds
Defines the connection and read timeout for the used URL connections in seconds. The default is 1 second if it is not overwritten by the 'knime.url.timeout' system property.

Input Ports

Table containing the URL column.

Output Ports

The input data amended by the image column. The type of the column is determined based on the input data.


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