This node halts execution when the incoming data table fulfills a user-specified condition.


Breakpoint Enabled
Determines whether the breakpoint node should halt on a certain condition or just pass on the data.
Breakpoint active for
Specifies the condition that has to be met to halt execution.

empty table: Halts execution if the input table is empty.

active branch: Halts execution if the breakpoint node is executed on an active branch.

inactive branch: Halts execution if the breakpoint node is on an inactive branch, i.e., the incoming connection originates in a disabled port, such as the output port for an IF Switch node or a Joiner node.

variable matches value: Halts execution if a specified flow variable matches a provided value.
Select Variable: Choose the flow variable that should be matched from a list of available variables.
Enter Variable Value: The value to match the specified flow variable against. Can be e.g. "true", "42", or "test".

Custom message
Define a custom message that is printed when the breakpoint halts the execution.

Input Ports

The input table.

Output Ports

The input table if not halted.


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