Yacaree Associator

Self-tuning miner of filtered association rules.

Computes closure-based association rules using confidence boost as a criterion to suppress intuitively redundant rules. This node is intended to be usable with no parameter tuning, although it does support some advanced configuration.

Due to inherent complexities of computation, this node may take several minutes to complete. Be patient.

For dense datasets, you might need to increase the available memory for the JVM; to do this, tweak the -Xmx parameter in file knime.ini (read further on in the KNIME documentation if necessary).

The best way to use this node is along with a File Reader node to read the transactions as strings: set delimiter (often a space) and check "allow short lines" permission in the "advanced" area. Connect it to a Create Collection Column node - preferably with "set" option checked in case items might be repeated on transactions. "Missing values" are automatically ignored. The resulting output is a valid input for this node.

The first output port of the node contains rules given as antecedent and consequent collections along with its details. The second output has gone through some string formatting and is appropriate to be written to a file (e.g. via a CSV Writer node).

This node has been implemented in cooperation with Universidad de Cantabria and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya with partial support from Pascal 2 through the STARK project of the Harvest Programme.


Transactions column
Collection column with the item set of each transaction.
Verbose output
Tick to obtain additional information on each rule.
Output rules sorting criterion
Select whether to order rules by confidence or by confidence boost.
Confidence threshold
Minimum rule confidence.
Support threshold
Minimum support for the rules. Can be provided in either absolute or relative form. The algorithm will apply the highest one. Higher support threshold values may produce less rules and save time, but note that very often the internal memory limits force to stop exploration much before reaching this support threshold.

Input Ports

Table holding the transactions as a collection type column.

Output Ports

Association rules along with additional information of each one. Verbosity of the details will depend on node configuration.
Association rules formatted as strings to be written to a file.


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