Spell Checker: Create Rules

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Please have a look at the “Spell Checker (simple)” node for a general description of the spell checking and correction mechanism and the supported languages.

This node creates spelling correction rules. For each potential error in the given text, a new row with a so called “rule match” is created. The rule match points to the corresponding text fragment, contains several replacement suggestions and an identifier and description of the specific rule.

The structure of the created rule table looks as follows:

Column Description
Input Row ID The Row ID of the input text.
From Position The rule’s start offset in characters in the input text.
To Position The rule’s end offset in characters in the input text.
Value The original, uncorrected value in the input text.
Suggested Replacements A list of potential replacement suggestions.
Rule ID Identifier of the rule.
Message Human-readable message of the rule.

You can use standard KNIME nodes (e.g. “Row Filter”) to manipulate the list of rules before applying them with the “Spell Checker: Apply Rules” node.


Input column with the text.
Language of the text.

N-gram Data

Selected Directory
(Optional) Directory which contains an n-gram data set. This allows to detect errors with words that are often confused, like their and there. The n-gram data sets need to be downloaded separately and are available here. After downloading, unzip the file and put it in its own directory named “en”, “de”, “fr”, or “es”, depending on the language. The path you need to set in the configuration is the directory that the “en” etc. directory is in, not that directory itself. More information can be found here.

Input Ports

Table with a string column which contains the texts to correct.
Table with a list of phrases which should not be corrected.

Output Ports

Table with correction rules.


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