Spell Checker: Apply Rules

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Please have a look at the “Spell Checker (simple)” node for a general description of the spell checking and correction mechanism and the supported languages.

This node applies spelling correction rules which were created by the “Spell Checker: Create Rules” node. The list of rules needs to match the text input and the rows of rules must be in the same order as the rows of text to correct.

List of rules which are passed to this node can be filtered in advance, e.g. certain rule types can be skipped or modified through standard KNIME nodes (e.g. “Row Filter”).

To create spelling correction rules, use the “Spell Checker: Create Rules” node.


Input column with the text.

Input Ports

Table which contains the rules to apply (this table must exactly match the structure as created by the “Spell Checker: Create Rules” node).
Table with a string column which contains the texts to correct.

Output Ports

Table with an appended column which contains the corrected texts.


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