mbox Header Extractor (expert)

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Processes messages provided by the “mbox Reader” node, and extracts all message headers into individual columns.

In general, a header with a given name may occur several times times within a single message, thus this node allows different strategies for mapping a header to a column (see below “Mapping”).


The binary input column which holds the messages
Remove input column
Enable to drop the input column from the result table
Specify how the header values should be mapped to column values; the following strategies are available:
  • Collection Cell: Create a collection cell for each header with all values.
  • String Cell (first): Create a string cell with the first occurring value.
  • String Cell (concatenated): Create a string cell with all values concatenated with “comma + space”.

Input Ports

Parsed mbox, one message per row

Output Ports

A table with columns for each message header which occurred in the input table


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