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Splits messages provided by the “mbody Reader” node into individual body parts. Email bodies are often of type “multi-part” (which can be hierarchically nested) -- this node will split a message down into its individual textual and/or binary parts.

For each message part, a new output row is appended -- this means, that the number of output rows is greater (or at least equal) the number of input rows. To allow associating and grouping message parts which belong to the same message, this node appends a column “Input ID” which resembles the Row ID of the corresponding input row. Additionally, a “Hierarchy ID” is appended; this allows to identify the position of a message part within the multi-part structure. E.g. a Hierarchy ID 1.2.3 denotes a message part at the third position within its parent, which in turn occurs at the second position of the grandparent (root).

Message parts can contain either textual or binary data. The output table will contain two columns which either hold the text or binary content of the corresponding message part.


The binary input column which holds the messages
Remove input column
Enable to drop the input column from the result table

Input Ports

Parsed mbox, one message per row

Output Ports

A table with all message parts from the given messages; attention: messages generally consist of multiple parts -- i.e. the number of output rows will in general be larger than the number of input rows; you can use the “Input ID” column to determine which message parts belong together


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