Generic XML Reader

Reads a list of xml-files into Knime. The node allows to specify an xpath query which MUST result in a xml-node set. The node will iterate over all xml-nodes and will create a column for each of its xml-attribute and an addtional one for the node value (if present). For example you can use '/Measurement/Pictures/Host/Picture' to refer to all Picture nodes in a XML-document which are child nodes of Host, and so on.


Input Files
There are two modes of operation. Either you can choose a single directory in which the nodes will search for the xml files. The search is applied not only to the direct directory contents but also to also its subfolders. The second mode is to select a set of files (by keeping the apple/windows-key pressed while selecting files).

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Some 'tablelized' xml-data


This node has no views


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