Insert into List

This node adds the cells from one or more columns to a specified position within a collection column. Optionally, the selected columns can be removed from the output tables, and missing cells may be skipped or added.

This node was developed by Vernalis (Cambridge, UK) . For feedback and more information, please contact


Collection Column
The List column to insert into
Columns to append
The additional column(s) to insert. Only columns of the appropriate type for the selected collection will be shown
Remove appended columns
Should the columns selected to insert into the list be removed from the output table?
Insertion Index
The position in the list to insert the cells. 0 is before the first element. Negative indices are counted from the end of the list, so -1 is the position before the last element
Fail execution if index is out of bounds
The node will fail execution if the index is out of bounds, otherwise indices beyond the end of the list will add to the end of the list, and indices before the start of the list will add to the start
Treat missing collection cells as empty collections
A missing cell in the collection column will be left unchanged unless this option is selected, in which case a new list will be created containing only the inserted cells.
Don't add missing cells to collection
If this option is selected, missing cells in any inserted columns will be skipped

Input Ports

Table containing a List column and column(s) of cells to insert

Output Ports

Table containing the input table with selected columns inserted into the selected list column


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