Configurable IF/CASE Switch (Flow Variable Value)

A configurable IF/CASE switch with changeable port types and varying number of output ports, and corresponding variable conditions. Output ports can be replaced with Flow Variable ports where required. All outputs except the first for which the corresponding condition evaluates to 'true' will be inactive. Output ports can be either 'Data' or 'Flow Variable'. If 'Data' is selected, the port type will be the same as the input

This node was developed by Vernalis Research . For feedback and more information, please contact

Input Ports

The input port, which can have its type changed

Output Ports

The first output port. The type can be changed between 'data' (which corresponds to the same as the input) and 'flow variable'
The final output, active if no conditions are 'true'. The type can be either 'data' or 'flow variable' as above
Additional output ports. The type can be either 'data' or 'flow variable' as above (this can be changed in the corresponding condition in the node dialog)


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