Extract Properties

Extract properties from Maestro, Sequence and Alignment Cells. Note that the list of available properties can only be determined if the data provided by the upstream node is already available.

The names of data items in a Maestro format file follow a convention which allows the type of the data item and the “owner” of the data to be identified. Names have the form 't_o_d', where 't' is the descriptor type, 'o' is the owner and 'd' is the actual data name.

More information on these property names can be found in the Maestro User Manual in the sub-section A.4. Data Item Names under the section The Maestro File Format.


Column containing input
Select the column in the input data table, for which the Maestro properties has to be extracted
Output Column Structure

Input plus Output - The input columns are included in the output. If there are duplicates, then a "_input" is added to the end of the input columns.

Output replaces Input - The output columns are the same as the input, with the columns in 'Include' list replacing the input columns.

Output only - Only the columns in the 'Include' list are included in output.

Short Column Names in Output
Removes the "r_user_"-like tags at the beginning of the column name, if they exist, so that the output columns are shorter and easier to read.
Extract All
Extracts all the available properties. When this is selected, Include and Exclude selections will be grayed out
Properties that should be excluded from the output
Properties that should be included in the output
New Property
Add a new user-defined property. This new property needs to have a type that is either a String, Integer, or Double. The added property has the necessary prefix ("s_", "i_", or "r_" respectively) plus what string is entered into the text field. All user-defined properties are removed if the Rescan input button is selected.

Input Ports

Maestro, Sequence or Alignment format

Output Ports

Extracted properties in individual columns


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