LiveDesign Input

When run in LiveDesign, this node outputs the columns selected in a parametrized model of a Column input KNIME generic protocol.

In GUI mode, the node takes as input a mockup of a LiveReport used for workflow prototyping and testing. The input table should contain one of the reserved ID columns: 'Corporate ID', 'Molecule name' or 'ID'. The column with one of these names will be renamed to 'Corporate ID'. The input table may contain one Sdf column at most and this column will be renamed to 'Compound Structure' to match the LiveReport column name. Other columns should be those selected in the Parametrize model panel. The order of these columns should match the selection order in the panel. The column names don't matter as they will be renamed to columnN, where N is the integer starting from 1, since the names are likely to be different in the LiveReport the node model is run on.


Check column existence
Check number of columns
Reject if column is missing
If columns selected in livereport is less than the prototype, then node fails
Insert column filled with missing values
If columns selected in LR is less than the prototype, then add the additional columns from prototype and fill with missing values
Check data type
Check column types
Reject if different
If column types are different, then node fails
Try to convert (reject if not compatible)
If column types are different, then try to convert livereport column type to prototype column type and if the conversion fails, then node fails

Input Ports

LiveDesign input

Output Ports

Processed LiveDesign input


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