XLS Hyperlinker

The XLS Hyperlinker adds hyperlinks to cells.

Hyperlinks need to be provided in URL encoded form, e.g. space characters being replaced by %20 and usage of slashes instead of backslashes in the file:/ protocol. Encoding or protocol errors can only partly be checked within this node and will most likely cause the respective links to fail in your spreadsheet application.

The maximum number of hyperlinks allowed in a single workbook is 20,000.

This node does not change the text format of the affected cells. A desired formatting (such as blue and underlined text) can be achieved via the XLS Font Formatter node.

This node defines a formatting instruction only which needs to be written to an xlsx file via the XLS Formatter (apply) node subsequently.

Input Ports

XLS Control Table holding the hyperlinks for specific cells.
The XLS Formatter input port potentially holding previous formatting instructions that the instructions of this node shall be added to.

Output Ports

The XLS Formatter output port holding the collected formatting instructions including the added formatting information from this node.


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