This category contains 10 nodes.

XLS Background Colorizer 

The XLS Background Colorizer node changes the background color and/or pattern fill for selected cells. The color information is statically defined. Consider […]

XLS Border Formatter 

The XLS Border Formatter node changes cell borders of a given range (not necessarily rectangular) specified by tags in a control table. You can select […]

XLS Cell Commenter 

The XLS Cell Commenter node adds comments to cells.

XLS Cell Formatter 

The XLS Cell Formatter changes certain cell-level formatting options of selected cells, such as text alignment, rotation, and text format.

XLS Cell Merger 

The XLS Cell Merger node merges the cells for given ranges of input tags.

XLS Conditional Formatter 

The XLS Conditional Formatter node defines the instruction for your spreadsheet application to color cell backgrounds according to their numeric value.

XLS Font Formatter 

The XLS Font Formatter node changes font properties of the text for selected cells, such as bold, italic, underline, size, and color.

XLS Hyperlinker 

The XLS Hyperlinker adds hyperlinks to cells.

XLS Row and Column Sizer 

The XLS Row and Column Sizer node changes the row height or column width for a selected rows or columns.

XLS Sheet Properties 

The XLS Sheet Properties node changes sheet properties, such as freeze, auto-filter, hidden columns, or hidden rows.