XLS Cell Merger

The XLS Cell Merger node merges the cells for given ranges of input tags.

Tags in the provided XLS Control Table must appear in rectangular ranges. A single tag may re-appear, as long as two ranges of the same tag share at most a cell's corner, but not a cell's border. In this case, multiple ranges will be added based on the same tag.

Optionally, all distinct tags can be used instead of a single one (see below).


Tag Selection

applies to tag (single tag only)
Tag in your XLS Control Table that defines the merge range(s).
applies to all tags
Instead of specifying a single tag, the Cell Merger is applied repetitively to all distinct tags found in the control table. Note that in this case, no comma-separated tag list splitting is applied but the full cell content qualifies as a tag.

This option eases definition of adjacent merge ranges based on the original data table's values.

Input Ports

XLS Control Table holding tags that define which parts of the sheet shall be merged.
The XLS Formatter input port potentially holding previous formatting instructions that the instructions of this node shall be added to.

Output Ports

The XLS Formatter output port holding the collected formatting instructions including the added formatting information from this node.


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