XLS Cell Formatter

The XLS Cell Formatter changes certain cell-level formatting options of selected cells, such as text alignment, rotation, and text format.

This node defines a formatting instruction only which needs to be written to an xlsx file via the XLS Formatter (apply) node subsequently.


Tag Selection

applies to tag (single tag only)
Tag in your input table for which the formatting of this node should be applied to.

Text Position and Format

horizontal alignment
Pick the horizontal alignment of your text in the respective cell (e.g. left, center, right).
vertical alignment
Pick the vertical alignment of your text in the respective cell (e.g. top, middle, bottom).
text rotation angle
Set the angle by which your text in the cell should be rotated.
word wrap
Select whether long text shall be wrapped to new lines within cells.
text format
Define the text format of you cell (e.g. percent: 0.00% , whole number: #,##0, ...). Please use only English locale values, irrespective of your target or local environment.

Input Ports

XLS Control Table holding tags that define which cells of the sheet to format.
The XLS Formatter input port potentially holding previous formatting instructions that the instructions of this node shall be added to.

Output Ports

The XLS Formatter output port holding the collected formatting instructions including the added formatting information from this node.


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