XLS Control Table from Cell Range

The XLS Control Table from Cell Range node creates a control table based on a cell range and a tag you can specify in the node dialog.

Optionally you can input another control table whose cells will be either overwritten or appended to by the new tag.


cell range
Cell range in XLS format (e.g. A2 or A2:B10) for which the tag should be created. Also supports the numeric column addressing format of R1C1 or R1C1:R2C2 where 'R' is the row number and 'C' the column number.
tag to set in control table
Tag that shall be set for the cells of your range specified before.
optional table mode
If the optional control table input is used, you can either overwrite or append the tag for overlapping cells.

Input Ports

Previous XLS Control Table that shall be enriched by further tags.

Output Ports

Enriched XLS Control Table.


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