Write Geometries into Shapefile

Creates a shapefile in ESRI format, and stores the geometries found in the column "the_geom" expected to be in WKT format.

Only one type of geometry (point, line, polyline...) can be stored per shapefile (this is a limitation of the shapefile format). This type will be detected automatically from the content of the input table. If several types are present, the writing will fail.

Other columns are written as attributes of the features, with an automatic conversion of classical KNIME types: String, Double, Long, Integer, Boolean. Other attribute types are mapped to String attributes.

Due to limitations of the shapefile format:

  • A maximum of 255 fields (columns) can be stored; additional columns will be ignored.
  • Field names (column names) should be of max 10 characters; longer names will be truncated.
  • String values can only store 254 characters; longer ones will be truncated.
In case these limitations apply your data, warnings will be written in the console.

The actual processing is done by the wonderful geotools library.


File to create or erase

Input Ports

Table with a the_geom column

Output Ports

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