Window Slider

This node creates sliding windows from an input signal. You can adjust the window length and the step size.

This node is part of the DSP Extensions provided by AI.Associates GmbH, Germany. For more information please refer to or write an email to


Window Length
Size of a window.
Window Step
Number of time steps the window moves in one iteration - usually setting this at half the window length is a good idea.
Perform right padding to include last row
Choose if you want to enable padding which compensates for the last window not fitting in the last bit of your data:
  • If you enable padding your windowed signal will include all data from original signal, with the last window padded with missing values until the desired window length is reached.
    Tip: you can use "Missing Value" node to replace them with value of your choice.
  • If you don't enable this option, the last window will be discarded.

Input Ports

Input table with one or more data columns column.

Output Ports

Output table with #(window length) columns.


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