Column List Loop Start

This loop starting node iterates over a list of columns of the input table. Its columns are divided into two sets, the "excluded" columns will always be included in any iteration, the "included" columns will be visible once in each iteration.


Column Filter
Choose the columns to iterate over -- each column that matches the include criteria defines one iteration (so the loop will run as often as there are columns included). Columns excluded are considered static and will always be passed into the loop body.
If include column list is empty
Define the behavior how to treat an empty input list. Two options are available: "Run one iteration" will execute the loop body once with all "excluded" columns passed unmodified into the loop body (so all columns in the input table). "Fail" will cause no loop iteration to be run; instead the loop start node will fail with an appropriate error message. The latter strictly follows the definition above -- so the number of iterations corresponds to the number of columns in the include filter.

Input Ports

The input data table

Output Ports

The input table with the included columns for each iteration only


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